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🛦F18 Jet Fighter 3d War Plane
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?F18 Jet Fighter 3d War Airplane Gunship Simulator 3D is a war based simulator game. The storyline of the game is inspired from world war1, world war2 and modern warfare. The user has to perform the role of responsible pilot and complete the mission given to the pilot. The game provides the most accurate weapons and most advanced and realistic fighter jets like (F-14, F-15, F-16, F-17, F-18, F-22 and B-22). Take part in multiple air combats in which the pilot has to take down enemy jets.

The fighter jets has to make sure the security of other aircraft's like:

✈️Civil aircraft.
✈️Passenger aircraft.
✈️Private Jet.
✈️Boeing plane.
✈️Rescue plane.
✈️ Sea plane.
✈️ Fokker Plane.
✈️ Airbus.
✈️ Military Aircraft.

User has takeout the gunships and military bases and enemy territory. In the later stages of game the fighter jets also have to drop paratroopers to invade enemy lands. The game provides the latest gunship weapons like

✈️ Aerial torpedoes.
✈️ Aerial Bombs.
✈️ Air-to-ground rockets.
✈️ Air-Launched Missiles.
✈️ Air-to-ground weaponry.
✈️ Aircraft ordnance.

Following are few among many exciting features of the game

✈️ Ultra Realistic Graphics.
✈️ High Definition (HD) Display.
✈️ Smooth controllers.
✈️ Multiple attractive 3D camera angles.
✈️ Realistic war sound effects (SFX).
✈️ Accurate visual effects (VFX).
✈️ World’s most intense war zone and military bases.
✈️ Challenging Air combats.
✈️ Aerial stunts.
✈️ Mayday and emergency landing troubleshooting.
✈️ War based storyline and challenges.
✈️ World best runways and airports environment.
✈️ Aircraft carrier landings and airbase landings.
✈️ Naval carriers and oceans.
✈️ Take-off, practice, transfers, recon and flights in formation with a flight guide.
✈️ Supersonic agility and maneuvering.
✈️ Radar with runway and aircraft carrier orientation.
✈️ Realistic fuel consumption.
✈️ Air traffic control room instruction.
✈️ Vertical take-off and landing (F35B Lightning II, AV-8B Harrier II).
✈️ Accurate physics behind the flight and gunship attack.
✈️ No network required so No Wi-Fi No Problem.
✈️ 1st Person and 3rd Person camera mode.
✈️ Highly simulated flight and controls.
✈️ Multiple control options.

✈️ Intense Aerial Battles like:
✈️ Dog Fight.
✈️ Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) .
✈️ Aerial reconnaissance.
✈️ Airborne forces.
✈️ Airstrike.
✈️ Strategic bombing.
✈️ Anti-aircraft warfare.


✈️ F/A-18 Super Hornet
✈️ F-14 Super Tomcat.
✈️ F-16 Fighting Falcon.
✈️ A-6 Intruder.
✈️ A-7 Corsair II.
✈️ F-22 Raptor.
✈️ SU-47 Berkut.
✈️ C-130 Hercules.
✈️ EF Typhoon.

You can enjoy it in the subway, or while traveling on a real plane, or in the car on the road, or during services in a temple. Your duty includes racing against time, control a fire in the middle of the mountains, and land safely on a tiny airstrip (or even on an aircraft carrier warship). Become the pilot and fly your commercial jet to the destination. While parking your plane, be very careful to avoid the buses, helicopters etc parked along the run way.

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